Essay on A Survey Of American Physical Therapy

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In 2004, a survey of American Physical Therapy Association members named Mrs. Kendall the third most influential person in the history of the profession and the highest ranking American(Schudel). Kendall was a physical therapist and her achievements in her field have made my want to be a physical therapist greater. I have researched about physical therapy and I have found that it fits well with my personality. The workplace is a good environment, schooling is as expected and the programs look like essential experience for the real job. Physical therapy is a good fit for me because I want to help people in the position I was in.

"We were not on the road to riches, but had the great reward of being able to help patients," Mrs. Kendall said. "And the opportunity to help patients was the reason we became physical therapists."(Schudel). Currently there are 204,000 physical therapists in the United States(Who are physical therapists?). Jobs in physical therapy are opening up at a high rate, another perk to entering this field. There is an expected 40 percent growth rate for 2014 to 2024(Summary U.S. Bureau).

Working in a physical therapy office is fun social interaction with clients, but still working and average 40 hour week. A physical therapist’s salary depends on the years of experience, but the pay can get to about 41,000 a year. The pay also depends on the clients. The workplace and the clients is a very social and friendly environment. In every work condition, for…

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