A Sunday At The Pool Essay

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Many people love to travel and try to learn something new about a country, but not many people know about the traumatizing factors of living in Rwanda as shown in the novel, A Sunday at the pool in Kigali, by Gill Courtemanche, the ignorance portrayed by Velcourt leads to drastic measures, which makes both Velcourt and his wife, Gentille’s, life’s extremely difficult, as can be seen in him disregarding the humans purposely giving each other AIDS, not protecting his wife to the full extent, and ignoring the fact that the Hutus are killing the Tutsis.
The simple reason that Velcourt is disregarding the people within Kigali purposely giving each other AIDS leads to a life of difficulties. Velcourt is a Canadian who is visiting Rwanda to make a video, to inform Rwandans about the disease, AIDS. Many Hutu citizens have trepidation about the Tutsis because they rape them, which has caused the Hutus to contract the disease AIDS. As a result for these actions, “the whole program of AIDS detection was financed by the government” (171). One hundred and fifty three patients are staying at the hospital and “[about] 100 of them” (127) have AIDS. One of Velcourt’s closest friends Justin, “[conceals] the real measure of his hatred. He has AIDS. When concerned ladies demand that he put on a condom, he would guilelessly reply by “‘[brandishing] a forged HIV negative certificate’” (130). Velcout knows that Justin has been diagnosed with AIDS, along with many others in the city, yet continues…

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