A Summer 's Day By William Shakespeare Essay examples

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1. Shakespeare’s, “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day”, is a poem showing how a man sees his woman as beautiful as a summer’s day. The comparison to a summer’s day is saying that the woman is very beautiful like a bright, warm, and calming summer day. The speaker is saying that the woman will forever be beautiful as long as there is life. The woman’s skin is beautiful like the sun shines and is very hot. The woman is very warm and gentle, and is perfect just the way she is. The love will forever last, even with the continuous changes in nature.
2. As stated above, the love of the woman will last forever, as long as earth allows. The summer has flaws than cannot be accepted so the speaker relies on the love from the beautiful woman. The woman gets old due to time but she will live, as long as the poem does. Death will never be able to brag that she was his victim. The woman gives the man life. Even on bad days, she always makes things better.
3. The speaker gives a detailed, but not so pleasant description of the mistress. When there are complications in a relationship, one of the partners may venture out to find someone who makes up for what their partner is lacking. In most cases, the partner is declining in looks, and they aren’t attractive anymore. The mistress shouldn’t be a downgrade from what you already have. The woman supposedly has rosy lips and cheeks which too me isn’t so pretty. Mistresses should be an upgrade worth losing your true love for. When stepping…

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