Essay on A Summer Program At Buffalo State College

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Each year, during summer time, the Say Yes program at Buffalo State College offers a summer program commonly known as “the Summer Say Yes Program” to many local students here at Buffalo. The program gives the opportunity to students to discover the environment of Buffalo State College as part-time job. The Say Yes program commitment to education was originally founded by the Hartford money manager George Weiss in 1987. Mr. Weiss inspiration and courage to build a Say Yes program came to him when he was sitting at a restaurant with twelve old friends students who have graduated from high school. As the Say Yes education website explains that “At the restaurant, he learned that all 12 had graduated from high school. One of the young men told him, “We could not have dropped out and looked you straight in the eye.” Inspired by these words, Mr. Weiss promised then and there to help make a difference in the lives of children facing overwhelming obstacles” (par. 2). Mr. Weiss first started in 1987 by making a promise to 112 sixth graders at Belmont School— One of Philadelphia’s toughest high school that he would pay their college education if they graduate from high school. Over the next years, the Say Yes program developed its programs and services in other communities. In 2008, Syracuse was chosen as the first community to apply this strategy to bring changes to thirty-two district schools. In 2011 Say Yes to Education announced its intention to create a new chapter in the city…

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