A Summer Day Bright With Sunlight Essay

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Jackson’s Tradition
During a summer day bright with sunlight, a town celebrates an ancient tradition that concludes with the sacrifice of the winning leader of the household. Mr. Hutchinson picks the winning black-smudged slip of paper from the infamous black box, but his wife objects, resulting in her immediate five family members having to draw from the box. She gives her husband a second chance at life, but unfortunately, the second drawing results in Mrs. Hutchinson’s unjustifiable death (293-95). In order to exhibit how immensely against cultural ignorance she feels, Jackson utilizes tone, symbolism and motif, and irony to emphasize her theme, the idea that one should not follow tradition for the sake of following tradition because supporting a custom with unknown origins results in long term cultural defamation.
Jackson uses casual word choice and language to create a casual tone in order to showcase the nonchalance associated with the lottery. Citizens’ interactions throughout the antidote indicate that they feel casual about their unusual tradition: “Soon the men gather, surveying their own children, speaking of planting and rain, tractor and taxes” (290). The men have a very casual conversation about everyday occurrence, such as taxes or weather, while participating in inhumane festivities, giving the readers the sense of a relaxed aura despite the events to come. In a like manner, Jackson refers to the lottery on the same casually celebratory level as the other…

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