A Summary On Transatlantic Slave Trade Essay

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Essay A: Transatlantic Slave Trade
The trade lasted for four centuries, between 15th and 19th centuries, across the Atlantic Ocean. This kind of trade remains to be unique with the concept of slave history because of the duration it took (about four centuries), the victims involved and the development of legitimization. The majority of people who were enslaved and transported from one continent to another during this period were West Africans especially from the western and central parts of Africa. The British were involved in Transatlantic slave trade. The Europeans countries captured Africans and transported them across the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is known to be the first European nation to engage in the slave trade.
Africans were fetched away from their homes and deported into the Americas. The slave markets reduced them to products with prices. They were sold to work in mines and farm plantations. The sweat and blood of Africans served as the origin to the incredible wealth realized in most parts of Europe and South and North America. The exploitation of the new lands discovered required many laborers with ability of enduring the tropical climate which covers a big region of the continent. With a number of enslaved Indians proving to be inefficient, there was need to increase the number of slaves. The solution to the need of labor came from Africa because Europeans had discovered a potential market for slave trade in the continent. The Africans were in the Americas and…

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