Essay on A Summary On The Day Night

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One Saturday night in November, I lay in bed, my hand under Andrew’s neck, reaching his head and gently ruffling his hair. He was a little drunk, a little touchy, a little more loving. He slept with his head on my chest, mouth breathing near my heart, left hand caressing my body. This was a treat; “It’s not going to happen again. Live it while it lasts, Jason,” I said to myself. I lay with him as the clock ticked by. Eventually he woke up from his state of pseudo-sleep, put his shoes on and exited.
The next week, I learned that he and Elise had started dating.
I wasn’t a bit surprised. In fact, I had always rooted for the two of them. Elise was one of my best friend, and she, I and Andrew were a posse. The daily study sessions, weekend nights trip to The Grille, the salacious gossips about our other friends - we did it all together. Elise, a shy, genuine girl, she deserved an authentic guy like Andrew. And Andrew, a guy who deeply cared about everything and everyone in his life, needed someone equally as loving as him. I was the glue that brought and bonded Elise and Andrew, and I wasn’t a bit regretful of that. Elise was just the girl for him.
The beginning of their relationship, however, coincided with the demise of my friendship with Andrew. Bound by a romantic relationship now, he chose Elise’s company over mine. His texts which made my phone buzz every few minutes, became sporadic. The lingering smell of his musk, the creases on my bed made by his awkward sleeping…

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