Essay on A Summary On Buddha 's ' Buddha '

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Cory Holmes
Mr. Mihara
14 March 2015
Essay Rough Draft

Introduction (First Paragraph) Buddha was once known as Siddhartha Gautama before his name was changed.
He was known as being the “enlightened one” or “the awakened” due to his teachings. Buddha was a spiritual leader and teacher whose life is served as the base and foundation of Buddhism or the Buddhist religion. Buddha inspired many through his thoughts and teachings of a good way of life. His teachings were and still are a big influence on the world around us and on peoples perception of life as a whole. Buddha was in fact alive but the actions in his life are surely debated. Buddha was said to have lived in the 6th to 4th century B.C. He spent many of his year trying different religions seeking an acceptable path for life but failing until on night of meditation. Buddha spent a fateful night of mediation and came up with all the answers he was seeking. It was probably the most crucial nigt of meditation in his life because that night his mind became “clear and achieved full awareness, thereby becoming the Buddha” (

Early Life (Second Paragraph) Siddhartha had a rough childhood with his mother passing away seven days after she gave birth to him. But, a Holy Man prophesized that young Siddhartha would become a great ruler, military leader, or a guiding spiritual leader. He lived in a palace in Lumbini (modern day Nepal) with his father who was a king of a tribe that was poverty-stricken…

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