A Summary Of King's Why We Crave Horror Movies By Stephen King

To Crave Horror; A Summary of King’s “Why We Crave Horror Movies” In Stephen King’s “Why We Crave Horror Movies” he explains the internal feelings and movements that cause people to want to watch horror films. Even if these movies are not everyone’s mojo he goes further to explain the general public in a different way. The question is not whether horror movies are well filmed, oriented, or even makes sense, but why, as people, it can be enjoyable to watch. King believed it is because “we’re all mentally ill” in some way, shape or form (King 422). The reason humans desire a taunting film is due to the natural insanity that people as a whole possess, the “fairy tale” life that appears around the viewer after watching, the nasty joys that lives in everyone, and the societal need for a perfect being. King begins his, very blunt, explanation by commenting on the sanity of …show more content…
How can someone have fun watching a person getting torn apart, left alone, or scared half to death? The answer is a need for “psychic relief” (King 423). King found one critic suggested that even football was a horror film in a way. He enforced “if pro football has become the voyeur’s version of combat, then the horror film has become the modern version of public lynching” (King 422). By seeing a horror movie, people’s minds see simplicity between good and bad, it stops people from going out and becoming “Jack the Ripper” and lets our minds run wild without hurting anyone (King 423). Even if a person does not like horror films per say, they let out their need for relief in other ways. For instance, if a person falls, the natural instinct is to laugh if not severely injured. It is the insanity that lives inside everyone being released to serve as a balance and aid to be a little saner. It is the sickness of the minds of humans that cause them to make gruesome jokes or return to the views of horror to satisfy a craving for

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