Analysis Of The Second Episode: Did You Study George?

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George second episode: Did you study George?
George was coming to school, he was ready to work. Ms. Cads was all done take attendance. Ms. Cads announces, “Okay class, we are going to be having a math test tomorrow. It will be on orders of operation. Not to worry, I will help you class prepare.” The whole class spent the day going over math, and every time I get picked to answer, I answered it correctly. It was lunch time, George was going over the math problems with John and Donald. George says, “Okay since I have to multiply a number by a parenthesis… ” George paused and wrote, “5 x 12 + (5 x 2) = 70” He had his friends check, John said, “Excellent dude, you’re going to pass, just keep practicing.” George was home, his mother surprised her
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Cads was happy for him. George finds John and Donald, “100 on my math test!” They hugged him, John said “Have a fun vacation, and tell us about your trip.” George smiled and said, “I will!” After the weekend in Las Vegas, Alex comes home with his family. After he finished unpacking, he decided to practice orders of operation. The next day, he goes to school. “Okay class, we will have a test on history of Declaration of Independence on Wednesday, so study.” Said Ms. Cads. Alex studied the history on Monday night, and the next night he went to a diner with his friends, Donald and John. John asked, “Okay George, when was the Declaration of Independence written?” And George answered, “July 4th, 1776”. John and Donald high fived one another. Donald asked, “Name one of the Founding Fathers.” George replied, “Mario” and laughed, then continued “John Hancock”. John and Donald laughed, John asked, “George I wonder if Luigi and Mario time traveled to see if Bowser tried to stop Thomas Jefferson from writing the Declaration of Independence.” And laughed. John, Donald, and George continued to eat their burger, fries and milkshakes. George was home studying, “July 4th, 1776 is the date, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. I will be okay on this test, just have to …show more content…
“George I wonder?” Asked John, “If you passed?” George replied, “Let’s say I have the confidence since I studied hard.” John dropped his jaw, “I hope I passed.” Everyone at the table was nervous. When everyone got back to class, Ms. Cads was showing her anger, “Class, look at your test scores.” Everyone was nervous, especially George. When George was able to cry a tear, he saw he got a 100 on his test and had a big smiled because knew Ms. Cads was showing her anger to scare him and everyone in the class. Everyone cheered. Ms. Cads said, “That’s what you all get for studying, I’m so proud of you all.” John raised his hand, “Ms, Cads, why did you look so angry in the first place?” Ms. Cads laughed, “It’s my job to motivate you class to learn and take your work seriously.” John replied, “Ohhhhh okay.” With a smile. While George was walking with his friends, John and Donald in the hall. “I can’t believe that Ms. Cads’ look on her face” chuckled George. John and Donald laughed. “George, let’s have a study party the next time we have an upcoming test” and George replied, “Let’s do that, so we can keep our grade safe and sound.” George was home, George and Joseph was playing Monopoly. “I can’t believe how my

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