A Successful Student At Colorado Christian University Essay

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Every human goes through times of difficulty and adversity like unemployment, death in the family, bankruptcy, and divorce. During the summer of 2014, I lost my brother-in-law, experienced expensive, unexpected automobile repairs, and my husband 's job ended all at once. While I was going through all of this I felt like my life was falling into a million pieces. I could have easily reached out to the world which could have resulted in opinions, false hope, lies and deceit but instead I fell to my knees and called on my Lord and he heard my cries and answered. Since these experiences happened they equipped me to know that God has a plans for my life, the world can be deceitful, and God works out all things for good which will help me be a successful student at Colorado Christian University and achieve my goals. Unexpected death is not easy for anyone to deal with regardless of your walk of life. My brother-in-law was admitted into the hospital for something minor, but turned out to be something much more than we expected. He ended up staying in the hospital for seven months from November to May, and when it was God’s time, he went to go be with the Lord. The family had no idea that his time on this Earth was coming to an end, and it was a shock to everyone. This taught me that we may have plans for our life, but God has a purpose. I knew from this experience that I will follow God’s Will and purpose for my life, and my plans no longer matter. Having unexpected car repairs put…

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