A Successful Life Of Marriage Essay

1997 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 8 Pages
Successful life of marriage is shown through the sacrificial character of Sarojini, who still has love and respect for her husband even after all their painful clashes. Even in the eternal absence of Bimal, she gives his share and placed him respectable to take part in his granddaughter’s wedding which is his last compassion of responsibility. She relished with the happy moment of her life with Bimal. Bimal may be absent in her life but still he is existing within her heart as long-lasting memories that is the strength of love which will not fade . This is the strong bond of marriage and love which Divakaruni wants to state that is different in present period of lifetime.
Divakaruni also states about the reality of marriage life which is with love, respect, sacrifice, fear and support. She indirect portrays the importance of sacrificial nature of woman which played a vital role in holding their marriage relationship in olden days. She finally brought out the realistic thought of marriage that is believed to be falling in love over time through the partnership of Sarojini and Bimal. The model of mankind which is mold by culture and tradition refers to the patterns of human life by the characteristics of religion, caste, birth, death, struggle, survival etc. By accounting their partnership, Divakaruni attempts to impart the realism of her work, through the situations of life and characteristics of Sarojini and Bimal that are drawn from the experiences of the world, which is…

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