Essay about A Study On Theravada Buddhism

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As I began reading Chapter 4 and Chapter 8, I realized that in both chapters it discussed Buddhism. In Chapter 4, Theravada Buddhism, was a representative school of the earliest branches of Buddhism. Therefore Buddhism isn’t just consisted of just one religion, but many different types. As I began skimming and reading through the text I learned some interesting things about Theravada Buddhism; just naming a few, the ten precepts (or basic rules of monastic life), the Pali canon also called tripitaka meaning (three baskets), which included Vinaya Pitaka (basket of disciplinary regulations), Sutta Pitaka ( basket of discourses), and lastly Abidhamma Pitaka (basket of higher philosophy). In Chapter 8, it discussed Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism discussed the three bodies of Buddha, Zen, Sunyata (or emptiness), Bodhisattvas (Buddha in the making), and the spread of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. To end each chapter, questions were asked and to be discussed. In the following paragraphs I will discuss and answer each question thoroughly. Now let’s begin! First off, Theravada Buddhism Stresses self-reliance in spiritual matters. How important is it to engage in your own pursuit of truth? And are you on such a path? I believe it’s very important to engage in your own pursuit of truth, because as the Theravadan answer says “the five skandas form physical factors that possess various types of energy which result in finding the truth.” Furthermore, by…

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