A Study On The Tooth Brush Essay

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A tooth brush is a piece of plastic with bristles. Chew sticks were discovered in Babylonia in 3,500 BC (Wikipedia, 2014) giving a glimpse into the history of oral hygiene. Oral health may still play a role in social status; whether or not your family can afford braces when you’re in grammar school, or if you pay out of pocket for whitening services. Not all procedures are available to all, but the need for a healthy mouth has been instilled in us for many years and is now a standard in most households in the U.S. Everyone has a toothbrush.

Deciding on a concentration segmentation strategy to help distinguish the product from the other hundreds of competitors and expand into a high-ranking, preferred product.

Market Segment 1: Oral Health Professionals
Our dentists and orthodontists are experts in their field and a trustworthy opinion for your oral health. Focusing the product towards health care professionals can lead to long-term consumer dedication. Most dental offices provide a toothbrush for their patients and associating the brand with a doctor’s endorsement of the product creates a relationship between the patient, dentist and the product. Health care professionals are also a direct lead to the American Dental Association (ADA), with many dentists with their own practices sitting on the association’s board or as active members. Creating an affiliation with members of the ADA can help specifically with the ADA Seal of Acceptance Program (ADA, 2014). Oral…

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