Essay on A Study On The Stanford Prison Experiment

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In the Stanford Prison Experiment, a study done with the participation of a group of college students with similar backgrounds and good health standing who were subjected to a simulated prison environment. The participants were exposed completely to the harsh environment of a real prison in a controlled environment with specific roles of authority and subordinates assigned to each individual. The study was formulated based on reports from Russian novelist Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky had spent four years in a Siberian prison and his view on how a man is able to withstand anything after experiencing the horrors of prison prompted Dr. Philip Zimbardo a Professor of Psychology at Stanford and his two assistants Mr. Craig Haney and Mr. Curtis Banks to proceed with a study on the psychological effects an individual is subjected to after exposure to a prison-like environment. For the experiment to be true the participants had been carefully selected as to not have conflict with the results of the experiment. The study chose willing participants with similarities in academic and personal backgrounds in hopes to not compromise the integrity of the study. Before commencing the study all participants were briefed on the roles pertaining to the experiment without actually being assigned roles. Once roles were determined and assigned each participant was given specific instruction to their roles whether it be the role of the Guard or…

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