A Study On The Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

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The Stanford Prison Experiment was unlike any other experiment. It was supposed to be an experiment on how people would conform to the roles of guards and prisoners in a role-playing exercise. Over 70 students applied for the aid, but only 25 was selected and they would get paid 15 dollars a day for their participation in the experiment. They took the 25 college students from the university and turn half of them into guards and the other half into prisoners. The Abu Graib situation was way different in my opinion. There were no college students in their nor experiments. It was real people being tortured and being killed in the prison. Some of those people were terrorist and some of them was innocent people with families. Being that I’m in the military and have been to Afghanistan several times I have gotten a chance to interact with some of the locals. For the most part they are just like us except poorer. The country is a constant war zone and their houses are made from dirt. The Stanford Prison experiment was a project gone wrong in my opinion. The college students who played guards took their roles to heart and this was a problem that Zimbardo didn’t see because he was also playing a role. The Abu Graib situation and the Stanford experiment both have similar Social behaviors, the guards took their jobs way more serious than they should’ve especially in the Stanford experiment.
Per this article I found on the Stanford Prison Experiment, which was written by Saul McLeod,…

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