Essay about A Study On The Room

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Title The room is filled with the sounds of unintelligible conversation and there’s an aroma of freshly ground coffee beans floating through the air. Natural light pour in through the large glass windows, casting blurry shadows on the floor and warming the air. The walls, painted a soft orange, seem to absorb the light and glow in response. People of various background fill the small coffee shop but there is one demographic that is represented much more than others. College students. Some come in and leave within a few minutes while others take up residence at one of the many tables. The students that stay for a while have notebooks, laptops, and a variety of other study materials sprawled out in front of them. Although the things that these students have out in front of them ranges greatly, there is one constant, coffee. A large cup of coffee sits poised on the table in front of them, ready to be used to power through another hour of studying or homework. With the intense rigor of college classes, students are finding it harder and harder to stay ahead in school, which leads them to search for that extra boost to continue their school work. With so many students drinking coffee on campuses all across the country, it demands the question, why do students turn to caffeine so often? Intensive course work drains students of their energy daily. To feel awake again, students, myself included, consume more and more caffeine just to function at a normal level. This consumption…

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