Essay A Study On The Nurse

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The nurse will want to listen to see how loud the heart murmur is. Once she listens she will need to rate the murmur on a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the loudest. When listening to the murmur the nurse needs to note on what position on the heart the murmur is located. For example, is it on the back of the heart? She should listen to the pitch of the murmur. It is high, medium or low-pitched. What things affects the sounds. Does moving the infant or laying the infant in a certain position. Next she needs to listen to when the murmur occurs and how long does it last. 2. The nurse puts in a call to the doctor. What lab studies would the nurse anticipate the doctor would likely order? Which radiological studies should be anticipated by the nurse? (2 points)
Lab test that the doctor will most likely order is a blood tests. A blood test can note any signs of infections, like endocarditis. A CBC to look at all the blood levels and a hemoglobin to make sure there is no blood loss happening. And an ABG to montiro her blood glasses. The doctor is going to likely order a chest x-ray. A chest x-ray will be done to show the heart, lungs and blood vessels. If the heart is enlarged, it should be prevalent on the x-ray. An ECG will be done to record the electrical signs of the heart to help look at the heart rhythm and structure…

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