A Study On The Monkey Essay

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Pondering over a time in my life where the monkey was out of place and impacted people around, I began to flashback to my college days. A particular situation I can recall where monkeys were shifted, was during the time I was president of a campus organization, and we had a huge event coming up. Planning for an event was the easy part to my committee and myself. We were able to get all the details down onto paper and delegate monkeys out. Each board member had a few monkeys to accomplish before a specific deadline, however; simultaneously, mid-terms were approaching. Many board members had to study, so their monkeys got shifted to myself and my vice president. This impacted the outlook my vice president and I had on the other board members. We both began to feel as if they were just making excuses because we ourselves had our own monkeys to handle in addition to studying for mid-terms.
Something I should have nipped in the bud was the tardiness of some board members. Throughout my presidency, I had two to three board members who would either be five to ten plus minutes late to meetings or would not show at all. Because I did not establish an attendance policy with set guidelines to tardiness and absences these board members became careless of our weekly meeting. This only resulted in a heavier load of monkeys on the dedicated board members. In my opinion, having set an attendance policy would have nipped this issue in the bud.
Recalling a time being admonished as…

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