A Study On The Marriage Counseling Essay

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A sample approach to pre- marriage counseling.
Pre-marital counseling is most popular inn the religious institutions. It is a process of preparing individuals for a lifelong commitment to another being. As a counselor one may meet couples willing to learn whether they are good for each other. Some couples may be naive and know nothing about marriage. A counselor will talk about both the positive and negative aspects of marriage. They will need to know that a marriage gives comfort when the things outside are not going well. The negative aspects of marriage include, the requirement to make decisions jointly. This will involve having to consider the others opinion, likes and dislikes. This may then mean that one has to change their lifestyles so they can be able to live together. The other negative thing that couples preparing to marry should be prepared for is the possibility of divorce. Moreover the couples should be aware that even though many people report marriage to be emotionally gratifying and comfortable, most couples would not admit to willingly entering into a devastating relationship. Premarital counseling is not enough there is need to make decision from the insight gained. According to Family Relations research (2003) couples who undertake premarital counseling are happier in marriage than those who did not.
In the approach of premarital counseling, it is important to first structure the individual sessions. A counselor should congratulate couples for taking the…

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