A Study On The Global Gender Gap Index Essay

1216 Words Feb 16th, 2016 null Page
A study on the Global Gender Gap Index was done by the World Economic Forum (2014) which ranked the United States as 20th in the world out of 142 countries on the gender equality scale. This ranking system compared gender gaps in the United States to other countries on the basis of economic, political, and educational standards. As shown in this scale, gender discrimination and inequality are commonplace in countries around the world. Historical gender biases, such as appointing a certain role within a society to a specific gender, have played a huge part in the development of sexism. Gender inequality is a macro problem but is analyzed and inspected from a micro level, such as through every day interactions between people. In the 21st century, gender inequality amongst genders is still prevalent within the United States and around the world due to sociocultural processes, as well as, economic, and educational factors. Within the last several decades in the United States, women have gone from being the minority to the majority in educational institutions and as seen in graduation rates (Peter & Horn). The recognition of women’s potential to become edified inevitably led to an increased amount of female participation within schools and universities. “With young women making up close to 60 percent of college students, critics worry that today’s schools-with their emphasis on order, sitting still, and passive learning-are much better suited to girls” (Whitmire, 2010). Could…

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