A Study On The Glo Bus Simulator Essay

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This strategic management class was very different from the undergraduate strategic management class that I took two years ago. In the undergraduate class the main focus was mainly GLO-BUS with online tests from information out of the textbook. In the graduate strategic management class there was more focus on case work along with GLO-BUS and testing from information in the textbook. The incorporation of the case work taught the students more about real world scenarios that is hard to teach through testing and reading a book. The instructors had high standards for the students to analyze every part of the company that their case was about and to determine how to improve that particular company. One of the most beneficial things, in my opinion, was the incorporation of the cases and GLO-BUS at the same time. These two projects were very valuable to the class and helped bring all the knowledge that students have learned from previous classes into one assignment. The GLO-BUS simulator was one of the most realistic exercises that students can have to learn about how to run a company. The simulator uses all aspects of the company from the production side to the financial side. The simulator includes the other teams from the class and uses them as actual competitors similar to the real world. One of the major problems that many teams learned pretty quickly is that everyone cannot have the same strategy. If all the companies try to be the cheap quality and low cost company, there…

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