A Study On The Elementary Student Teacher ( Paramjeet ) Essay

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From the last couple of days, Namik was showing his interest in talking and recognising different colours. To follow his interest and extend his knowledge, the kindergarten student teacher (Paramjeet) set up colour mixing experiment using milk, primary colours and the detergent liquid to show the chemical reaction. Paramjeet introduced the three primary colours (red, yellow and blue). She also explained that these primary colours could be used to make secondary colours. In order to assess Namik’s learning about the primary and secondary colours, Paramjeet asked him to remember the colours they used for the experiment. She also mentioned that carefully look for the other colours after the experiment.
Paramjeet started the experiment with the above instructions and pour milk in a plate. Then she added the drops of different colours in the milk. Afterwards, she dipped the cotton bud into the dishwashing liquid and placed on the different spots of the plate of the plate. Namik was amazed to see the burst of colour and “responded to positively to the ideas of others” (Outcome 1, EYLF, 2009)
After the experiment, Paramjeet asked about the changes in the colour to assess Namik’s knowledge and understanding. Namik replied, “We used red, blue and yellow colours. Now there is green, pink and purple too” (Outcome 5: Communication, EYLF, 2009. Paramjeet followed that discussion further by mentioning that yellow and blue make green colour; white and red make pink colour; blue and red…

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