Essay about A Study On The Co Chair Of Education

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Approximately a week and a half later. Due to the time constraints the professor asked that the process be shortened. Emails were sent to the co-chair director of education and the director of First Lutheran Preschool/daycare center. Email consisted of asking to interview earlier than planned. The researcher was denied oral interviews.
After several emails and text messages back and forth between the researcher and the co-chair director of education a solution was resolved. Permission was granted by the co-chair of education and the director of First Lutheran Preschool/daycare Center to proceed with a written questionnaire.
The process began with the same fifteen open-ended questions. This questionnaire (Appendix C) was given out to selected staff members, chosen by the co-chair of education. The staff members consisted of the following positions: Director, Office Manager, two Lead Teachers, and three assistants. Steps were taken to ensure confidentiality.
Along with the questionnaire, a plain white envelope with only the researcher’s name on the front was given. The Co-Chair Director of Education instructed candidates to fill out the questionnaire and to place in the white envelope with the researcher’s name and seal the envelope. They were instructed to hand in to her by a given date. Granting them approximately one week to fill out the questionnaire.
The sealed envelopes were then placed in the safe at the church, only the researcher has access to. No…

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