Essay A Study On The Classroom

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This study will be conducted in a first grade class with about twenty diverse learners. The majority of the students will be of the Caucasian ethnic group with a few African Americans and one or two Hispanics. There will be around the same number of girls and boys in the classroom. There will be five or six students in the Tier process and or with an IEP. The majority of the students will come from a middle class working family, with a few on the higher and lower end of the spectrum. There will be one teacher and one assistant teacher in the classroom. The classroom will be set up as a student centered classroom that enables students to work cooperatively in collaborative groups with ease. The teacher will begin the study by identifying and ability grouping students according to their reading scores, data, fluency, and observations. Students that will be in the Tier process will be assigned interventions for remediation of non-mastered grade level skills with the approval of the school interventionist and parent approval. These students will receive extra individual time and instruction with the teacher along with their small group instruction. The students in this group will be a primary focus of the study considering that they will have the most difficulty in fluency and comprehension. The action research will be a continual study throughout the school year to identify individual and class growth in comprehension and fluency.
Data Collection Students will…

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