A Study On The Cell Cycle Essay

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Hibernation in Mammals Opens Door into Research Surrounding Generation of Neurons in Adults

Is there a way to take advantage of the physiological effects of hibernation to aid in the research of nerve cells? Hibernation, usually thought of as a means of survival for mammals during unfavourable environmental conditions (Carey, Andrews, & Martin, 2003), was used by Victor Popov and colleagues at the Russian Academy of Sciences on March 10th. 2011 as a study technique in furthering knowledge about the cell cycle of nerve cells (neurons) in the brains of adult ground squirrels.
Previously, scientists believed that after entering adulthood, mammals could no longer generate new neurons (Gage, 2002). Early evidence leading to the rejection of this dogma started with research conducted by Joseph Altman, who through experimentation with rats, found evidence lending support to the theory of adult nervous system regeneration (Altman, 1962). This led to further research of neuron generation in adult mammals, with the validity of this theory now generally accepted (Popov, Kraev, Ignat 'ev, & Stewart, 2011). Despite this acceptance, there are still questions being asked about the extent of adult neuron generation.
Popov and colleagues set out to further study the theory of adult nerve cell generation through studying neurons in the brains of ground squirrels – specifically a portion of the brain called the hippocampus. A…

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