A Study On The Area Essay

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The area sampled in squared centimeters goes on the x-axis because it is the independent variable. Whereas species richness goes on the y-axis because it is the dependent variable. Based on this sample the prairie habitat seems to be more species rich. This approach does not provide a definitive answer to the question because this is a single sample. In order to provide a more accurate answer to the question of which habitat is richer, more samples must be included and analyzed in order to minimize sampling error.

Sample size G, of 40,000 centimeters squared, provides the most information about species richness. Due to the fact that it is the largest representation of a habitat. A t-test is a statistical analysis that compares the means of two populations, wherein the variances of the data determine whether or not the means differ significantly. From a t-test a null hypothesis can be determined. The null hypothesis for this study is the mean number of species found within the lawn and the prairie are the same, while the alternative hypothesis states that the mean number of species found within the lawn and the prairie are not equal. As determined by the p-value of 0.007434, for a two-tail t-test, one should reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative hypothesis. The alpha level of 0.05 indicates that the value of 0.007434 is significantly low, therefore there is an extremely low probability that the pooled data supports the null hypothesis. My interpretation of…

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