A Study On Sun Pat Brand Essay

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Sun Pat Brand Report
This study revolves around a particular brand in the United Kingdom. The name of this brand is Sun-Pat, a delicious peanut butter for the customers. The emphasis of this study is to elaborate the current issues in the competitive food market, related to this brand along with some good and workable solution for the company. This is necessary for an organization to create the brand values through effective strategies and adaptation of the new marketing trends to make the difference for a long run. The food market is competitive in the country, which may compel the company to contain some strategic considerations to sustain the growth is well.
• The Problem The success and growth of the Sun-Pat are not up to the mark recently. This is due to the immense range of substitutes and differentiation process in the competitive market. Thus, there is a need or strategy review to regain the brand success and make the difference through growth and the sales.
Purpose, Mission & Ideas
Interestingly, despite having the discontinuity and acquisition process since 1930, the brand still exists in the food market and owned by the HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP.
Purpose: The purpose of this brand is to provide the customers easy food solution at breakfast, lunch or any other time. We can say that the purpose of this brand is to make people healthy through quality integrants in their meals.
Mission: On the other hand, the mission of the brand is to depict the quality…

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