A Study On Registered Nurse Essay

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Registered Nurse
A nurse is a health care provider in charge of her patients all around health. As a registered nurse a typical day would include: performing physical exams, giving the correct dose of medications, caring of patients wounds, watching over patients, record observations, monitoring medical equipment in use by the patient, assisting in testing and concluding the results (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 2014). Different fields of nursing require different day to day activities. A registered nurse will usually work in a hospital but can work in doctor’s offices and other healthcare settings. There are multiple ways to becoming a registered nurse. You can receive a Diploma in Nursing, Associates Degree in Nursing or a Bachelors Degree in Nursing (American Nurses Associtation, 2015). Once you have obtained your diploma you have to pass National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX-RN and The State Board Exam (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 2014). As a nurse you can be certified in multiple areas of study. All certificates are not required but the more knowledge you obtain the further you can advance. In 2012 the average annual salary of a registered nurse was $65,470 and the employment rate is expected to increase 19% by 2022 (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 2014). Illness, injuries, and child birth are influences to increase the career demand. Relocation for this position depends if you have healthcare settings near you and if the specific field you are interested in is…

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