A Study On Purchasing A Spanish Home Essay

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If you are looking at purchasing a Spanish home then you have several options available to you.

Firstly there is the traditional method of contacting an estate agency. This can be done via the web as many agencies now have websites with a large selection of properties and contact buttons. Most estate agencies in Spain now rely heavily on this method to find their clients. However some still have a long way to go with their customer service technique.

Another method is to travel to Spain and take a look in the estate agencies windows and then to go into their office if you find something that you are interested in. You will find that this method will certainly get their attention. However if they feel you have a house to sell or do not have the hefty deposit available to put down on a potential purchase they may not take you seriously. Many estate agents work on commission only and they do not get a base salary so they are not interested in clients that are not ready for an immediate purchase. They direct their energies into clients that are in a stronger and more immediate position for buying a property. Others are quite pushy and will encourage you to immediate forget your plans to visit the beach that afternoon and instead spend the next five hours in a a car seeing properties that they want to sell, but will probably not be properties that you want to buy.

When we looked to purchase a property in Spain we found estate agencies that actually listened to our…

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