Essay on A Study On Ph Levels Using Green Cabbage

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Natural Indicators Lab; a Study in pH Levels Using Green Cabbage
pH is the concentration of hydrogen in a substance. It is the scale used to tell how acidic or basic a solution is. The normal pH scale goes zero to fourteen. Zero to about six indicates that the solution is an acid. If the solution is closer to zero it makes it a stronger acid, but if the solution is closer to seven than it is a weak acid. If a solution has a pH of seven then it is neutral. A pH of eight to fourteen indicates that the solution is a base. The farther the pH level is from seven the stronger the base. If the solution has a pH close to seven that indicates that it is a weak base. To determine the pH of certain substances one will use an indicator. An indicator is a dye that changes color in solutions of pH.
An acid is a substance that is sour to taste, reacts with metal to make hydrogen gas, and turns blue litmus paper red. A base is a substance that has a distinct bitter taste, is often an alkaline metal, and turns red litmus paper blue. We use acids in things such as: fertilizers, detergents, paints, plastics, and citrus fruits. Bases are used in many liquid plumbing solutions, baking soda, and soap.
This experiment is designed to test the pH levels of different substances using a natural product or indicator like green cabbage. The cabbage and alcohol solution will be dropped into the acid and base solutions to indicate if the solution is an acid or base and to determine the pH…

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