A Study On Newcastle College Essay

1103 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
Task 1: Your application (Word Count – 500 Words)

I applied to Newcastle College as I am hoping to move to the North East, I found this course through researching online. Through extensive research I found that Newcastle is one of the very few places that do this particular course in the UK, in the end I only applied for this one as I fell in love with Newcastle and I discovered that this is the place that I really feel I have to be. Out of this qualification I am hoping to gain a job and further than that a future, which will allow me to stay in Newcastle. ¬¬

I am a very kind, patient, understanding and caring person, which I feel are vital skills to have when working with children I recognised the importance of these attributes when growing up with an austisic brother who struggled with social skills as he often only spoke to people within the family. I often found that my bubbily personality would try and encourage him to speak up more, which has also taught me how to remain calm under stressful situations aswell as how to motivate him to keep trying throughout his school years. I found these skills useful when I applied for the Tutoring in Schools programme in Northern Ireland. In my role I was assigned to assist a child with hearing impairment named Robin, where I had the oppourtinuty to learn basic sign language. I gained the oppourtunity through my placement to work with children with various other disabilities including behavioural issues, ADHD, autism, aspersgers,…

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