Essay A Study On My Young Age

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Tomboy is a noun used to describe girls who are energetic, mischievous and boisterous, and it is usually associated with a negative connotation. During my twelve years of living in my hometown, the people around me seemed to assume that girls are not supposed to act in a way that is perceived to be tomboyish, and as time goes on I also began to slowly accept this assumption. During those years, through looking at how others describe girls and boys differently in writings, and by observing how my peers behave in certain ways and how they react to girls that behave like a tomboy. I have formed my common-place belief that girls should only behave in a way that is perceived as gentle, quiet, and orderly.
The numerous writings I read at my young age led me to assume that girls are supposed to have a gentle, quiet, and orderly personality. When I was young, I usually read writings by those who were several years older than me. In the case where the writers were describing his or her friend, I noticed the ways they described female friends implies them as genial, calm, and organized, including “she is always seen sitting at the table, reading a book silently”, or “her journal is filled with neat handwriting”. On the contrary, they described male friends as to be more mischievous and reckless, using phrases such as “he always tells jokes and mess around with others”, or even “he speaks as loud as a tweeter.” At that time, how those people described their female friends and male…

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