Essay on A Study On Moderate Rheumatoid Arthritis

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The participant in the study was a 38-year-old female diagnosed with moderate Rheumatoid Arthritis. The participant reported her diagnoses was established at age 32 and the progression of the disorder was being treated by a biologic and a pain management regimen. Prior to her diagnoses, the participant maintained a consistent physical activity routine, which has since ceased.
Apparatus and Materials Using a cell phone with a stopwatch application, the duration of each physical activity session was measured. A data sheet was created to keep a daily log of the date, activity, and duration. A behavioral contract, which indicated contingencies for returning personal items to the participant upon achieving criteria, was drafted and signed by the participant and an observer.
Using an A-B-A-B design, the intent of this study was to increase physical activity in an individual diagnosed with RA using a behavioral contract. Using a timing measurement system, duration was measured as the targeted dimension of physical activity. Physical activity was defined as one or a combination of power walking, jogging, and or running, for a 30-minute period with continuous movement. The start was motion in the form of power walking, jogging or running and the end was 1 or more minutes of physical inactivity. Power walking consisted of fast walking with exaggerated swinging of the arms. Jogging included running at a slow and steady pace, while running…

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