A Study On Mental Health Crisis Essay examples

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6. Avoid close contact with contagious people and stay home if you are sick.
7. Maintain proper nutrition as well as adequate exercise and sleep to protect you from contracting diseases.
Mental Health Crisis
Your chapter may have a member who is experiencing a mental health crisis or difficulty or who is exhibiting disruptive or disturbing behaviors.
• If a member puts her own safety or the safety of others in immediate concern (e.g., verbal or physical threats to harm others, active threats of suicide, resists help, etc.), call 911 or campus security.
• If the member is disruptive or acting in a disturbing manner, but safety is not an immediate concern (e.g., demonstrates bizarre behavior or communication, is disruptive to the living/learning environment, threatens to harm to self or others, but will accept help; etc.), call the Standards Adviser or Standards Specialist.
In the event that a chapter member is in distress, do not assemble the chapter. Discuss with the Standards Adviser and/or Standards Specialist the steps you should take to handle the situation and get the member the help she needs.
Serious Illness
There are several procedures and precautions that members should take if an individual develops what appears to be a serious illness such as a substance addiction or eating disorder. A member may ignore her condition and may not take the initiative to seek proper medical attention. If you become aware of a member who might be suffering from a serious…

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