Essay about A Study On Literacy Circles

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Literacy circles were an idea I had never heard of before this class. I knew that there were book clubs or book discussions but I had never seen this used in a classroom before. Now I love the idea. There are so many good things that this kind of project brings out for students. One great thing about the literacy circles are that everyone has a role and is actively engaged. With only four or five students every student will have to talk at least once especially to share with the group what they found in the book that pertained for their job that week. Some roles involve research, which is a PASS standard that can be easily checked off for this lesson. Daniels from “What’s the Next Big Thing with Literacy Circles?” states that if the groups are smaller the student will feel “less risk than in a whole class discussion. There is more ‘positive peer pressure’”(Daniels 2). Some teachers live by the specific jobs though which not all books can participate in. In the Daniels article he also stated that he recommended the roles to use as a guide but some teachers are using it as the only way to conduct literacy circles, which is not correct (Daniels 2). This could be a downside to the teachings of the literacy circles. If they become too routine the students will lose interest in the activity. This activity lets the students pick the book, which is a positive for the literacy circle idea. Throughout school we are always telling students what to do or what to read but this give…

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