A Study On How Young Adults Aren 't Prepared For The Real World

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There’s a 95% Chance That You’re a Thief
Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I ran into a Catholic doctor that I’ve known for more than 20 years. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to call him “Ray.” After we talked for a while, the topic of how young adults aren’t prepared for the real world came up.
Ray told me about a recent experience that he had at a local department store. While he was shopping at the store, he picked up a package of six identical items that were bundled together. When he arrived at the checkout lane, the young woman behind the counter scanned one of six items. The amount that appeared on the cash register monitor was for a single item, rather than all six of the items.
When Ray saw the single-item price on the monitor, he calmly told the woman that he didn’t think that the price was correct. He explained to her that the price that was displayed on the monitor should have been six times what was shown, because there were six items in the package. The woman scanned one of the items again and the same amount appeared on the monitor. She then told Ray that the amount that appeared on the monitor was the correct amount.
Ray was irritated with the woman and said, “Okay, if that’s the price, I’m going to go get some more of those items.” He then walked over to where the items were displayed and grabbed three more packages off the shelf. The woman rang up each of the three additional packages for the single-item price.
When Ray finished telling me about…

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