Essay on A Study On Healthy Eating

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Overall Assessment:
Provide an overview of this person’s current state of “Healthy Eating”
At this time in Willow’s life, she can most definitely work on her healthy eating habits. She and her husband usually eat at a burger joint three to four times out of the week, when time is short, which is harmful to one’s health. By Willow eating fast food three to four times a week, it’s placing a huge risk to not only her health, but her family’s health as well. Willow and her husband’s bad habits of eating poorly could have a huge impact on their daughter, Jenna. As Jenna gets older she will get more used to the idea of eating unhealthy and it will be more difficult for her to break that habit because she was raised into it. When Willow and her husband cook at home they usually eat foods like pasta, which also is not healthy to eat on a regular basis because of all the carbohydrates you consume. Willow should work on her healthy eating habits and lean more towards eating clean and not eating out so much when she finds it convenient.
2. Provide an overview of this person’s current state of “Physical Activity”
Willow jogs by herself in the mornings before her daughter wakes up for about 30 minutes, twice a week. Willow tries her best to meet up with friends at a local yoga studio but usually only makes it to one class a week. These yoga classes focus mostly on flexibility and can last for about 60 minutes. Willow should try and make more time for physical activity into her day at…

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