Essay on A Study On Health Care Information

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Introduction The purpose of this study was to find out if seniors would use the Internet to find health care information and ultimately improve their overall health using their new knowledge. The authors hoped that by teaching seniors they would be able to “(1) reduce reluctance to use computers and increase willingness to use the Internet to find health care information; (2) increase willingness to use external health care information to manage their health; (3) adopt a more active role in managing health care; and (4) increase perception of control over their own health and wellness” (n.p.). This article review will first discuss the methods used in the study followed by the overall results. Next a brief discussion will look at some weaknesses of the study as well as the usefulness of the results. Lastly, a conclusion will include recommendations and future implications.
This study took place 2001-2002 with a follow up survey in 2003. Participants attended class once a week for 2 hours, over 5 weeks. Each class consisted of no more than 12 individuals. Out of the original 60 participants, 42 followed through with the class and only 27 completed the class and the 1 year follow-up survey. Participants were taught fairly basic Internet searching skills, including how to choose reputable websites, where to look for health information and how to seek out quality health information. “The overarching goal of the instruction was to encourage seniors to learn…

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