A Study On Global Citizenship Essay

2139 Words Oct 30th, 2016 9 Pages
In 2014 James Tully presented new study “On Global Citizenship”. The mere essence of this analytical work is to draw attention of the international community to the ongoing crisis of global citizenship as democratic institute. From the early beginning of the reading of this paper, the readers get information about the nature of the global citizenship as separate concept available for people of the democratic countries. At the same time, the author points out that the crisis with the maintenance of this institution is reflected in the inability of the citizens of several states to address properly the issues of the globalization affecting the activity of the countries and living of people there. In this respect, the author identifies the dimensions of the crisis of the global citizenship. Under major concerns the global population faces increase of poverty and racial inequality in the protection of the basic rights and freedoms. In addition, the world is seeking for the measures allowing to alleviate the ongoing spread of the climate change problems. In addition to this fact, the majority of the communities encounters difficulties with arising conflicts of political nature. Given the existence of these global problems, the author defines whether the people can respond to them in terms of the global and modern citizenship. For the purposes of getting understanding on the limits of the global citizenship, it is highly important to note definitions of the modern citizenship and…

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