A Study On Family And Consumer Sciences ( Facs ) Teachers ' Perceptions When Using The Mathematics Standard Of

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The focus of this qualitative descriptive phenomenological study is to provide knowledge regarding Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) teachers’ perceptions when using the Mathematics Standard of Learning in the Central Virginia Region. The FACS teachers (grades 6-12) will describe practices and challenges when applying the Mathematics Standards of Learning in their lessons.
The literature will provide a historic review and reveal the most current assessments of Career and Technical Education. There is extensive literature concerning Career and Technical Education; however, the review of the literature for this study is limited concerning FACS teachers supporting the Mathematics SOLs with the VERSO Competencies. A detailed review of the literature includes terms such as Career and Technical Education, CTE Programs, Mathematics Standards of Learning and Vocational Education. Literature for this research was collected electronically primarily through databases accessed at Virginia State University. The online resources included: ERIC, ProQuest ABI Inform, ProQuest Dissertation and Thesis, Sage Journals and others.
The Development of Career and Technical Education One of the main goals of Career and Technical Education was to support public education. There were many changes that defined and refined Career and Technical Education identity and purpose. According to Gordon (2008), Vocational education in the U.S. was the product of an extended evolutionary process. The…

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