Essay on A Study On Eating Disorders

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Reaction Paper 7

The article by Stice, Marti and Rohde (2013) examined prevalence, incidence, impairment, duration, and course of eating disorders from a community sample of 496 female adolescents through annuals diagnostics interviews over a period of eight years. Eating disorders observed were taken from the proposed ranged in the DSM-5. Eating disorders studied included, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, as well as feeding and eating disorders not elsewhere classified. Researchers found that adolescents who were diagnosed with these disorders reported greater functional impairment, distress, suicidality, mental health treatment, and unhealthy body mass index (BMI). Lecture described eating disorders as serious disturbance in behavior and attitude that are related to eating, weight and/or shape. The study discussed a change to BMI as a criterion because it was a more accurate reflection of an individuals health. BMI can be affected from extreme caloric restrictions and severe overeating.
As discussed in lecture the DSM-5 attempts to have an understanding of individual that fall in between diagnostic criteria for more than one disorder. As specified in the article this is often classified as EDNOS or for this particular study it was classified at FED-NEC. The development of EDNOS is an attempt to understand and classify the individuals who don’t fully meet the minimum set of criteria for one disorder, but that instead can meet a…

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