Essay on A Study On Earth 's Hydrology

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Earth’s hydrology consists of many complicated processes that influence or directly impact the availability, as well as the quality, of water resources in a region. Rising global temperatures are projected to have a significant influence on these natural processes, affecting many components of the hydrological cycle. Hydrology, in the broadest definition, is the study of water. More specifically, it is a physical science, which “encompasses the distribution, movement, and quality of water in the Earth system” (Yarnal, 2014). Water resources, unlike hydrology, are defined as a social science in which “the use of water by humans” is studied (Yarnal, 2014). Water resources can be thought of as a component in the hydrological cycle, and are impacted by changes to hydrology.
Even with regional variances and uncertainties surrounding projected impacts of climate change, a global rise in temperature will undoubtedly influence hydrology. As stated by Bates et al. (2008), “the most dominant climate drivers for water availability are precipitation, temperature and evaporative demand.” Temperature will influence the evaporation rate, which will have a direct effect on the amount of water available above and below the surface. Warmer temperatures are expected to increase the evaporative rate in some regions, while other areas are likely to experience excessive rainfall as precipitation patterns adjust to the evaporative changes. In the Mid-Atlantic region, the greatest threat to…

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