A Study On Early Start Courses Essay

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Albert Einstein, an incredible scientist once cautioned to “not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree”. Yet, in our education system we “judge” every student’s ability to function at a four-year university daily. When taking an exam, we are all given the same aptitude exams, university standards or even the notorious EPT/ELM exam for a CSU. Having the same exam diminishes the idea of a specialty being shown through oneself. In our world today, we have many individuals with a variety of specialties contributing to the creation of a society. Many successful people have careers in a field that require only knowledge in what they work in and the fundamentals of the requisites they may have. Teachers or parents might argue how Early Start courses help the student grow and achieve a goal set by the university, for the fundamentals of a college career. However, Early Start is nothing but a mistaken way of measuring the student 's ability to perform at a university. Through biased points of view, examiners grade based upon what they see on paper, not knowing what the student writer specializes in or even who the student is. Through time and experience, a student can eventually acquire the skills that an early start program is enhancing. Not to mention the accuracy of the EPT/ELM exam can vary, depending on the type of prompt the student had that day or even the environment they were assigned in. There are many students who take the exam that the test graders do not take the…

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