A Study On Dietary Intake And Exercise Essay

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Sally, a 13 year old, female child, who comes from a cultural background that embraces, higher body mass is a sign of wealth, is obese according to her medical practitioner in Australia. Rest of the family members of Sally are also over weight. It is important to treat Sally on her condition as obesity leads to other health complications as well as decreasing the quality of life and reducing the life expectancy. It is vital for the parents to be educated, what are the healthy weight ranges for children and themselves , in order to increase the quality of life, and to slowly deviating them from whatever false beliefs they might have due to the cultural backgrounds and change their daily habits when it comes to dietary intake and exercise. With time the whole family will be able to achieve a healthier weight in comparison to the current weight, which will immensely impact their health and well-being in the long run. In order to put the action plan forward a multi-disciplinary team of dietician, personal trainer, nurse and doctor required. It is however the Nurse’s role to promote the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and educating the family about the benefits and the positive impact that this would have on the quality of life of the patient. It is nurse’s duty to respect the cultural background of this family and their beliefs when communicating with them and take steps not to offend them in any way.
Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic, not only in western…

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