Essay on A Study On Costa Rica

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Did you know Costa Rica has the largest percentage of Spanish descents in Central America? The Valle Central which has more than half of the population is the most predominantly Spanish region in both ancestry and manner of living. Costa Rica is surrounded by Panama to the southeast, Nicaragua to the north, the Caribbean Sea to the northeast, and Pacific Ocean to the southwest. The capital and largest city is known as San José. Within this small nation there is thousands of orchids and trees, two hundred species of mammals, eight hundred species of ferns all making up about five percent of the world’s biodiversity. Consequently, this nations breathtaking life zones attract biologist from around the world.

To begin with, the significance of the country’s name is known as Rich Coast. In the 16th century, the first European explorer, Christopher Columbus, landed on the shore of Costa Rica’s eastern coastline on September 18, 1502. There were at least four major indigenous tribes living in this nation at the time such as the Caribs in the east coast, the Borucas, the Chibchas, and the Diquis in the south west. In 1504 Columbus returned to Spain to boast about the rich gold fields in the area. King Ferdinand of Spain was fascinated by the news and ordered a Spanish explorer, Governor Diego de Nicuesa to settle and explore. Unlike Columbus’s voyage report, fellow colonizers and the governor did not receive the same friendly welcome. The king was interested in colonizing the…

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