A Study On Clinical Nurse Leader Essay

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Clinical Nurse Leader
Introduction and Background
The CNL is a master’s prepared registered nurse trained as a generalist who will provide clinical leadership in the emergency department (ED) at the point of care (Reid & Dennison, 2011). In conjunction with the unit manager and educator, the CNL will contribute leadership and knowledge at the microsystem (unit) level (Perry, 2011). The CNL will improve patient quality and safety outcomes via addressing organizational needs and assisting in the redesign of care delivery in the ED. In addition, the CNL, as a conduit between leadership, clinical staff, and providers, will improve staff and provider relationships. Consequently, care fragmentation will decline as the CNL unifies the multiple disciplines involved in the treatment and surveillance of the ED patient (Perry, 2011).
Measurable Goals
The CNL will improve staff relationships and patient outcomes, thereby, increasing patient and staff satisfaction. Consequently, there will be a decrease in staff turnover. Initially, the RN turnover rate will be reviewed based on retrospective data from the prior 12-months. This data will be retrieved via the electronic Human Resources (HR) database. The ED manager and ED Director will be responsible for reviewing this data. A target goal of a 25% reduction in staff turnover, one-year post implementation of the CNL role will be set.
Secondary to the CNLs application of evidence based care at the bedside, there will be improved patient…

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