A Study On Child Development Essay

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Working with different children that range from different ages is something that I have been able to do in the past well taking other child development classes but this semester well I was taking ECH 320 I was able to get the knowledge of what it might be working with an infant all the way to a child that is eight years old. Over the course of the last eight weeks I have been able to observe what it might be to work with a toddler well reading a book to them or even a chance to conduct a four part experiment where I was able to test a child who was between the ages of four and five as well as conducting the experiment on a child that is six to eight years old. I was able to see what different types of thinking processes a child might have when they are five verses when they are eight. After studying a chapter on what an infant cognitive process is I was able to take that knowledge and put it fourth when I went to do my field work. Taking what I learn from Piaget’s theory on sensorimotor sub stages, I was able to gather that information learned and use it well conducting an observation. Piagets sensorimotor sub stages included a reflexive stage, primary circular reactions, secondary circular reactions, coordination of secondary schemes, tertiary circular reactions, and symbolic representation; these were all stages that an infant goes through during their first weeks all the way until they reach two years old. According to National Scientific Council on the Developing…

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