A Study On Business Studies Essay

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Business studies is concerned with the way in which companies operate and function, and studying a degree in this area will introduce students to all of the elements needed to run a business or organisation. The areas that students will gain understanding consist of; finance, administration and marketing.

What A Levels do I need?
In terms of UCAS tariff points, upper league table universities will ask for 400 points, whereas those below may ask for at least 250. Having A-levels in relevant areas such as finance, accounting or even business itself will aid student’s admission. Although students are recommended to check with their chosen universities and degree courses for accurate entry requirements.
What are my study options?
A degree in this area are usually the standard length at three years, however, some institutions offer the degree as a sandwich course which allows candidates to spend a year working for a company or within the industry. This placement year takes place before a student’s final year and will increase the overall length of study to four years.
There are many courses available including; business studies, management studies, accounting and management, disaster management, human resource management.
Certain universities also offer the option to study business as part as a joint honours degree with another subject, usually within management, accounting, banking, economics and finance.
What should I expect from studying Business?
Studying business is perfect…

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