A Study On Applied Learning Essay

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Applied Learning

Out of all the electives that I took in High School, the engineering courses were my favorite ones. There were no written tests that required the memorization of topics that the class would not possibly need in future. Instead the class was assessed on projects that were spread out throughout the quarters. I took Mechanical Engineering as a freshman in high school and the whole class got to build their own moving catapult and the objective was to make a ball go through a hoop. It was really fun and my teacher was an awesome guy but he also did not hold your hand throughout the process. He wanted to see the students succeed based on their own hard work and merit. When I moved onto Electrical Engineering the task was to build a vehicle that could climb a steep incline which everyone thought was going to be easy. It was not and it really taught the class to be self reliant in order to complete the task. Lastly, in Robotics the class was required to build a drone and that was the most fun hands on learning experience that I have had in my years of education. These courses were not about memorization and the teachers did not believe in memorization. I look back and realize that these courses were not about high grades and written assignments but instead they stressed teamwork and other important skills needed to succeed in the future. The problem with applied learning is that everyone could work hard but that does not mean they are talented at the topic.…

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